Welcome To Anthonys Magical

Magic is an exciting and reward hobby to get in to … but it is also incredibly expensive. Books are twice the price of normal books and DVD’s are three times the price of normal DVD’s.

For many, these high price tags can be a deterrent from magic. I know it was for me. The first time I downloaded a tutorial I was devastated that is cost just under £20 but it was only 8 minutes long, and it was recorded at a low budget in a sketchy hotel room

So why is magic so expensive?

Well… the issue is pride. A magician may think that they have created the best effect in the world, so they want to charge big money for it. For years people have gone along with this when in fact… its not fair to the consumer. No matter how good a trick is, I want to get value for my money. You wouldn’t chose a dish washer tablet that was 6x the price of the next leading brand just because you preferred the packaging… would you?

So why should it be any different with magic?

This is why I created Anthonys Magic, because I wanted to give people value. If someone chooses to purchase one of products, I want them to feel delighted, no mislead